Apollo (apollo) wrote,

He Has Some Probs

Well me and Derek have been chillin but he has some problems. He sometimes makes noises that really get to me you know. But that's cool. I can deal with it. But he is always stressing over trivial things and he called here tonight and my moms answered the phone at the same time I did. She was worried about my cousin who was supposed to call so I could pick him up. She was saying Hello and asking for my cousin and Derek was like tell your mom to get off the phone. He said later that he didn't say that. I told him Me and my mom both heard it. He was like naw he didn't say that and he couldn't believe I would think he would. I know what I heard and my mom knows. That was kinda like ok. This guy disrespected my moms and you know how black men are about our moms. I don't think I can chill with someone that would disrespect her. You know what I mean
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