Apollo (apollo) wrote,

It's Been A Hot Minute

Well it's been a hot minute since I've writtin in this journal. I've been busy and shit. Well me and Darren aren't talking as much anymore. I told him that I didn't appreciate what he said. That he shouldn't have even said anything that sounded close to that. But we talk every now and again. I met this one dude that seemed to be cool. But I think we are only going to be friends and not try to take a friendship to another level. I will admit that we messed around. But he was awful. We didn't have sex. Just messed around. He wasn't good at for play at all. I tried to guide him and tell him what would work better but he still wasn't doing it right so I was like fuck it. You can't even be a fuck buddy. But it's cool. He's a cool dude. So we can be friends. I didn't think we could be more anyway. I didn't feel it.
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