Apollo (apollo) wrote,

I Let Him Know

I let him know what was up with us. I told him that we didn't see each other enough. That we hardley ever talked. That my scheduel was about to get more hectic. That i was going to be working more hours then I was going to have another job at a night club and to top it all off school and plays were going to start happening in Aug. So he was like what's your solution. I told him It wasn't just my solution. He said he couldn't thik of anything. So I was like well. We could brake up. Live or seperate lives and come together when we can or we could just argue about the shit all the time. He said he didn't know. SO I told him to let me know when he does. That was the last time we spoke. THat was like a week ago. Oh well. I guess things are not going to work out. To be honest I really don't mind. I met this cool guy I actually do feel anyway
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