Apollo (apollo) wrote,

Back Home

Ok so I'm back home and it is sooooooooo great to be here. I can't believe that I'm home for good. It didn't take me long to drive down. I wasn't even speeding. I got home took a shower and went to sleep. It was so relacing being back in my own home and bed. I am loving being back in my room with no one else there. I am in bliss if you can't tell. On the Miguel front he and I hung out todaya nd things where cool. It was around 11:00 and I haven't really gotten any rest since I have been here and I was getting tired. We weren't doing anything but driving around and then he wanted to take his car home. He'd left it over his friends house. So I followed him. He was hungry so he wanted to eat. Iw asn't. We were going to go to IHOP. It was right down the street from his apartment complex. When we got there they were closing. So he wanted to go to Wendy's. He still hadn't taken his car home. SO he got in his car and droce to Wendy's. The line was sooooooo long. I parked my car and waited a few minutes. He still hadn't moved so I drove up to him and told him that I was going to call him when I got home because I was going toi go on home. He said ok. I could tell he didn't like it but I figured it's ok because we will talk in a few and that's all we were going to do any way. When I got hom and called him he said he didn't wasnt to talk to me because that was fucked up what I did. I was like ok. I was tired and I wanted to go home and I told you I would call you when I got here. He said whatever and then I was like fuck it. I told him that I was sick and tired of apologixing and trying to explain myself to him and then I hung up. I don't have time to deal with someone's bitching.
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