Apollo (apollo) wrote,

Meeting Cool Peeps

Well my friend De'dra called me today and asked me to go with her to drop off some thigns for a friend of hers. Well we went downtown and went to his apartment. We he opened the door I tought, hey, he looks like he's cute. I could really tell because there were no lights in the living room. then when we came in and I got to look at him. I saw that he was realy cute and he has this really nice body. Nice and slim with out too much muscle. He has this sweet baby face and a great personality. We are a lot alike. Even De'Dra commented on that. She was like "You two are so much alike. It's crazy." Then we went out to dinner. Well they went out and I gtalk to them. I wasn't hungry at all. I talked to him and he was soooooooo funny and sweet. He is the type of person that you just love to hang out with. And he has a really good job. He's only 23 and he is the head of his own team at a record company. I feel this dude a lot.
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