Apollo (apollo) wrote,

Doing Good

Ok so I haven't written in here in a while. I've been chillin. I've met some cool peeps and I've been loooking for a job. I had an interview today and I have another one Wednesday. When it comes to dudes. I a still making friends and I wouldn't mind finding someone cool. I was out with some friends the other night and the waiter was checking me out. I didn't notice it but they did. One of them knows about me and the other one doesn't. Then we went to Inserections. A porn store here and we were standing by the entrance and this guy walked in. We caught eye contact imediately. He was soooooooooooooo fine. He was light skinned with a gotte. He thick eyebrows and lashes. He had an afro which I usually don't go for but he was cute with it. PLus I could see him braiding it into corn rows. That would really sexy. When we began walking around I turned to look at him and he ws still looking at me. Turning his knecka nd everything trying to get a good look. I wanted to talk to him soooooo bad but D'Drah was with us and she doesn't know about me. When Shekira and I were alone she said she saw how the guy was looking at me and if it had been ont the two of us she would have made sure that I talk to him. She thought he was fine too. Today we went to the movies to see The Mummy Returns. It was good as hell. This guy working there was so cute I wanted to talk to him too but yet again D'Drah was there so I couldn't. Oh well. I will be aiight.
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