Apollo (apollo) wrote,

I Still Made The Right Choice....But

Ok I know I made the right choice. I don't doubt that. But I went on a date and even though the guy was cool. I liked him. He was cute and 19. So I was only a year older then him. Well I'll be 21 in AUG. But I didn't feel that tingle, you know. I mean I was so wanting to kick it with this kid. We have been chillin as friends for like two weeks and we finally go on a date and I can't stop thinking about Donald. That's the fuck buddy guy. His name is O'Donald. But I only call him Donald. Afterwards I called him to confirm our weekend plans. I was looking forward to spending this weekend with him because it would show me what should be between us. I needed to break off what we had at the time it happened and although it had only been a few days since that happened. It was enough time to get me over that doubt of us. If I was still with him and had those thoughts. I wouldn't have gotten over them. So breaking up was a good thing. Now I could see if we should take that chance. I mean part of me wonders if I was so worried becuase he was the one who asked me to be with him. I mean I'm always the one who makes that move. I mean he was laying in my arms, which looks weird because he isn't built but he is bigger than me in height and weight, and he just asked me to be his. I was like damn. It sound nice so I said yes. Well The weekend didn't happen. His best friend showed up and she going to stay the night at his place. He wanted me to still come but I was like naw. I wasn't in the mood to spend the weekend with him and her. I wanted to be with him. After talking to him three times that day I realized I did want to be with him and I asked him if we could give it another try and just learn about us on the way. He said yeah. I stated: "So your my baby again?" He replied:"I always was."
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